Getting Started

Welcome to Digital Bureaucracy docs. This is a live document that will be updated as our project evolves.
Digital Bureaucracy believes that Blockchain Technology will soon become one of the cornerstones of human life. Our vision is to fully digitize the challenging bureaucracy and paperwork that is happening around the world, to completely facilitate human life by combining artificial intelligence and blockchain network by reducing workload and labour costs.
To achieve this, DBC Chain and DBC Token developers continue to work. We recognize that teamwork is needed to make the world bureaucracy completely digital, safe, fast, and cost-effective. With our innovative and energetic teammates within our team, we aim to make DBCChain development and DBC Token the innovative and single cryptocurrency of the future. Blockchain is uniquely positioned as infrastructure technology.
To obtain and fully use this technology, which will enable the mass adoption of institutions and the public, Digital Bureaucracy has identified three main stages of blockchain evolution: Technical Reviews, Enterprise Firms, Business Agreements, and Countries with Management Agreements. These stages will be fundamental and enable the adoption of the Digital Bureaucracy blockchain as the world's leading strategy choice.
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