Business Model

Digital Bureaucracy is a revolutionary project developed for bureaucracy and document management, transfer and security. Imagine for a moment that all paper transactions take place on the blockchain network, a project structure that saves paper and green.
Digital Bureaucracy tries to create a platform for secure document management, transfer and tokenization. The entire project is based on local, digital DBC Token foundations and accrued value and real, unique solutions that can be provided by blockchain-based assets.
DBC Token will power the DBC Tools software, operate as the main reference currency at Irisx Exchange, where only DBC-based personal, DeFi, NFT, startup and corporate tokens will be traded.
We aim to revolutionize the field of Bureaucracy by combining Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Blockchain technology, document transfer and management, as well as creating Cryptocurrencies for all bureaucracy transactions and everyone.
Cooperation with state governments and local governments, institutions and corporate firms, which have become the cornerstones of bureaucracy, are among the keys to the wider use of blockchain.
We want to achieve all our goals with the steady and conscious growth of our project in accordance with the progress made in our project within 1 year.
Last modified 1yr ago