Major Wallets

The DBC Token supply is divided according to 7 Phases of DBC development. DBC Token team created 6 large wallets as a warehouse
ICO Sales 50%
Wallet address with 100,000,000 DBC Tokens for ICO Sales. When the ICO Expires, it will be distributed through the wallet address. Wallet Address: 0x03EDe8f3628f4de2fbB81b202E2a89dB518E3cFE
Team & consultants 10%
These funds will be used as compensation for the work of teams and consultants in the Digital Bureaucracy project. Since everyone on the team believes that the project will come and the DBC token value will increase, none of the team members intend to sell their token balances in the near future. Wallet Address: 0x028df09AeA017C0dc7e5947597673e6A400A0c03
Charities 10%
In accordance with the vision of the Digital Bureaucracy, it has a duty to make the bureaucracy processes in all countries and institutions a completely digital operation.
As a donation to non-profit organizations, 10% of the total DBC Token supply generated within the scope of our project will be distributed to the accounts of these institutions.
Wallet Address: 0x848fCa1E502DeB389586861177F7d6917A49FCDd
DBCChain Software Development 10%
Wallet Address: 0xF1b84b12850E7Fc150e2979A78abF783dB4857fA
Listing on DBC Token Cryptocurrency Exchanges 19%
Wallet Address: 0xfacda2d99AC8cB0E37bf2E040CE4c91282c6e43D
Airdrop & Bounty %1
Wallet Address: 0xa381606B572962de0b7Dbf62ed3dcE61D1bBdc1C
ICO Sales
50% of the total supply
Team & consultants
10% of the total supply
10% of the total supply
Software Development
10% of the total supply
Listing Exchanges
19% of the total supply
Airdrop & Bounty
1% of the total supply