General Questions
What is Digital Bureaucracy?
It is the Artificial Intelligence (AI) supported Blockchain Project that aims to end the difficult and long-lasting paperwork and bureaucracy transactions between countries, institutions, and individuals. It is a document management and document transfer solution specially developed for a decentralized blockchain, aimed at making your life easier with the combination of artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies.
Documents and Bureaucracy transactions in documents, invoices, land registry, vehicles and many more are distributed in the Blockchain database and then your documents are distributed decentralized in a comparable, irrevocable way on the blockchain network. A system where the submitted information can only be seen by users who have Hash key. This confirms, or can be verified, by comparing the
What is the Irısx Exchange?
Irısx Exchange is a Crypto Money exchange where DBC based tokens will be bought and sold, crowdfunded and staked.
On the Irisx Exchange, people will be able to crowdfund their loans, fund their startup or invest in some promising tokens.
Listing of DBC based tokens on Irisx Exchange will be free, DBC Exchange will operate as a regular exchange with DBC Token as reference currency and dividend unit.
Irisx Exchange is under development at
What is DBCTools?
DBCTools is a tool that allows large-scale tokenization. With DBCTools, anyone and any company will be able to create tokens and manage their long-term services. DBCTools will be tightly linked to Irisx Exchange.
DBCTools is developed at
What Is DBCTools Used For?
DBC Tools is developed by our team on a par with the DBCChain blockchain network.
Operations that can be done through the DBCTools software.
Bureaucracy and document transfer transactions between countries, institutions, businesses and individuals, using a Smart Contract through DBCChain.
Countries, institutions, businesses and individuals can produce their own Crypto Currency through DBCTools. It can be published using the infrastructure of our DBCChain blockchain network through Smart Contracts, which are suitable for every sector and person.
Crypto Coins created using the DBCchain infrastructure. Irisx Exchange will also be listed for free.
What is the difference between Digital Bureaucracy and other projects?
Digital Bureaucracy started as a document management and document submission project over the blockchain network by completely ending the existing bureaucracy system. The Digital Bureaucracy aims to create a long-term solution for large-scale tokenization, which are the true core values of blockchain.
Because it is a project where you can provide document management and transfer of documents by performing digital bureaucracy, countries and international bureaucracy procedures. It is on its way to becoming a project that can be used by the most successful projects, including countries and Government agencies.
These factors are the Digital Bureaucracy system. It will not be difficult for us to understand that it is a revolutionary project.
How can I join the Digital Bureaucracy Team?
We are currently looking for Digital Bureaucracy Ambassadors and team members according to our career section. Please, you can apply via the form here.

DBC Token

What is DBC Token ?
DBC Token is a Crypto Money created to be used in the infrastructure of Digital Bureaucracy platforms. DBC Token are currently traded on exchanges and can be purchased during the DBC Token ICO. DBC is a blockchain-based secure utility coin with real fundamental value. The Digital Bureaucracy aims to develop DBC in the long run to become the next major cryptocurrency.
DBC Token is currently running on the Binance Smart Chain infrastructure.
You can check all the technical information about DBC Token in their documentation.
What is the core value of DBC Token?
DBC Token has a number of utilities based on real blockchain tools. Basically, DBC will be used by investors for the following purposes:
Receiving a dividend from the fees on each DBC-based token trade on Irisx Exchange (via staking), as DBC will be the sole reference currency investment in all crowdfunding executed in Irisx Exchange Decentralized Loans.
% Of DeFi tokens issued with DBCTools as payment method for NFT Tokens of Digital Bureaucracy NFT store, Pay for DBCTools premium options
You can read the full DBC Token services in the whitepaper.
Where can I buy DBC Token?
DBC Token can be purchased on our site as part of the ICO Program. We strongly recommend that you use our website as an investment tool due to its security and liquidity.
Also DBC Token Listed Exchanges will be updated here.
When will DBC be listed on more exchanges?
By the end of the ICO - in April and May 2022 - DBC will be listed on 5 exchanges, including the major ones. By the end of 2022, DBC will be listed on 10 exchanges, including 5 major exchanges.
You can check the detailed listing scheme on our Roadmap.
What is the DBC contract address?
Existing DBC Token BEP20 contract address
These contract addresses will be changed during the upcoming DBC Token fork.
Why are you planning to fork DBC Token?
To make the DBC code accessible and easy to understand, the current version of the DBC Token in the Binance Smart Chain blockchain was created in an open source template at the beginning of the project.
Soon we will be updating the code to reduce transaction fees and implement some more advanced utilities.
At the same time, when DBCChain (Ethereum hard fork), which is being developed, is released, it will have the opportunity to provide a change as 1 = 1.


What is DBC ICO?
DBC ICO (Initial Coin Offerings) will be the main funding event for the Digital Bureaucracy project. During the ICO, investors will be able to purchase up to 50% of the DBC Token total supply.
The DBC ICO will differ from other ICOs as it will support fiat payments, involve multiple funding rounds, have an advanced affiliate program, and most importantly, it will be based on the token - DBC that has already been generated.
What are the goals of the DBC ICO?
Digital Bureaucracy is a project that aims to change the world and will allow everyone to create their own tokens, as well as all bureaucracy and paper transfer processes. That's why the Digital Bureaucracy and DBC Token ecosystem created by DBCTools, Irisx exchange needs to be comprehensive, advanced and easy to use.
The funds collected during the DBC ICO will be used to build the DBC ecosystem, establish long-term partnerships, as well as promote the ecosystem by discussing Digital Bureaucracy in international communities and seminars, academic communities, and with local Institutions, Country or regional governments.
When will the DBC ICO take place?
DBC ICO will run from 30 April 2021 00:00 to 30 April 2022 23:59 UTC. During this time, investors will be able to participate in multiple financing rounds, which will differ according to the following.
What are the funding rounds?
Financing rounds (stages) are separate pools of funds where investors can buy DBC tokens at a specified price. Each stage of financing is determined according to the fixed limit in USD and the current DBC.
The stages of funding are limited by the number of DBC Tokens offered, not the time or number of participants. The price per DBC Token in each subsequent round will be higher than the previous one.
The stages will be detailed in a separate DBC ICO scheme available on the Digital Bureaucracy website.
Where will the DBC ICO take place?
DBC ICO will be held on our own platform created on the Digital Bureaucracy website. Users will have a secure 2FA Sign-Up and Login process as well as an individually designated referral referral link.
What will be the available payment methods for participating in DBC ICO?
Participants will be able to invest in DBC Token in three ways. Each of these methods will have the same pricing per Token, but may differ due to the cost of transaction fees.
Investors will be able to participate in the sale with a crypto payment tool that supports BNB, ETH, BTC, USDT and all other cryptocurrencies supported by Coinbase.
What will be the requirements for participating in DBC ICO?
KYC will not be required for most payment methods. The data collected will be limited to email and password with two-factor authentication (2Fa); Here the user will need to confirm the email every time they log in and during DBC withdrawals.
DBC ICO will be available in every region and country without geographic boundaries.
What will the DBC Token price be during the DBC ICO?
The price of the token will be defined in a separate DBC ICO scheme that will be published before the DBC ICO starts. The price per token will be measured in USD and will increase with each funding round, so the first investors will participate in the DBC ICO program at a discount. During the DBC ICO, the price is planned to start at $ 0.010 and stop at $ 0.20.
What will happen with the price on the exchange during the DBC ICO?
As stated earlier, the max purchase amount per person during the DBC Token ICO process was determined as 250,000 DBC. DBC ICO will have a scale that far exceeds the current market volume and participation. Therefore, the price at each stage of the DBC ICO will be very important and will likely determine the market price for the time of listing on Exchanges.
During the ICO, investors can make purchases through the DBC ICO panel. When the DBC Token distribution is completed during Phase 4, which is the ICO Duration. Investors' balances will be transferred to their Wallet addresses.