Target Industry

Real estate
It is aimed to make it fast and secure on the Blockchain network with the support of Artificial Intelligence in long and tiring document proceedings within residential, land and real estate transactions. In today's bureaucracy system, these processes require more time and processing costs. An amazing feature of the blockchain chain is that the data is immutable. For example: Information sent to the blockchain network. It cannot be changed in anyway. In this way, forgery or complex transactions are prevented in the document.
Consider that all documents and data transactions in municipalities are completely in the Blockchain chain. You will be able to do all your paperwork on the network quickly and safely.
For example: There are very few things that open your rights to all kinds of privileges (such as voting, work, citizenship), which are more important than the documents that show that you were born, married, and died, but mismanagement is quite numerous. As UNICEF reported in 2013, a third of children under the age of five have not been given birth certificates. Blockchain can make record keeping more reliable by encrypting birth and death certificates and giving citizens access to this important information. All municipal procedures that you can think of such as ID, change of address, driver's license and more can be encapsulated with this technology. DBCChain software, which is formed by the combination of artificial intelligence and the blockchain chain, will allow you to carry out all the documents, information and data transactions that make your life more difficult, faster, and more secure in one place. In this way, we ensure that the documents and data transactions available in the municipalities are completely transferred to the blockchain network. Our project, which finishes the margin of error in official documents and transactions, also completely ends the costs of work and workers. We further protect the environment and promote to use less paper as a consequence. All the bureaucracy and paperwork. It is getting faster and safer using blockchain.
ID & Passport
Passport applications, passport control and verification. It aims to make transactions faster and safer on blockchain and with the support of artificial intelligence. Authentication and Family Tree Control will make your life easier faster and safer on your identity's blockchain network and other official documents that identify you, as well as with appropriate processing costs. Delays during Visa Application and difficult paperwork procedures become fast, safe, and cost-effective.
Schools & Education
Student Information tracking system. The possibility of fast communication between the teacher & the instructor as well as the parents of the students. An infrastructure that allows detailed bureaucracy procedures to proceed faster. Decentralized database in blockchain network, storage of Student Grades and Student Diplomas, tracking and accuracy control. Registering school diplomas as irrevocable in the system. Immutable distribution of books over a blockchain network. Then you can compare or buy and sell the book. Copyright control, which is also found in written works.
Health & Hospital
Patient monitoring system in Hospitals and Health Institutions. Blockchain monitoring of testing and other health services within the hospital. Patient résumé and detailed patient records. There will be an ability to distribute the patient’s previous health history (past surgeries, disease diagnoses) on the blockchain. Communication and bureaucracy between hospitals and pharmacies. The rapid processing of these transactions on the Blockchain and the progression of the workload entirely with artificial intelligence. Each individual has their own Hash Key. All operations are processed on this key. control and accuracy controls can be provided afterwards.
Finance & Corporate
Contracts signed by international companies. Trade agreements that are signed permanently between countries. The date on which these agreements come into force, the terms of the contract and the period in which they will be valid are tracked through the blockchain network. Tenders organized by countries or institutions, the duration, smooth fulfillment, and follow-up of these tenders. At the same time, these tender fees are to be paid with DBC Token.
It enables all bureaucracy and paperwork transactions of places such as institutions, individuals, and workplaces where tax transactions are intensively processed through the blockchain network at faster and more affordable costs. Tracking, buying, and selling taxation transactions in the workplace through the blockchain network. At the same time, there will be complete digitization of the tax declaration between the tax institutions and businesses of the countries. Online Sales and International Tax. Provision and control of tax transactions between countries through the Blockchain network. Making all mixed tax systems completely easy and digitized.
Notary is an institution where we can always perform official procedures in our lives. However, the procedures carried out in this institution require documents-based and long-lasting procedures. Power of attorneys given to a person, official representative (Lawyers), delegates given to institutions, Vehicle trading, New License Plates, Car Insurance as well as detailed information about your vehicle's history. It is cheaper and faster to do all these transactions on the blockchain network.
Digital Vehicle ID
According to the data described, we see that the meter of votes and vehicle mileage are reduced. Up to 50% of vehicles sold second-hand in the European Union are found to have reduced mileage. Vehicle Main dealers and Technical Maintenance Repair Dealers state that it is impossible to detect vehicles that have reduced the entire mileage. Digital Vehicle ID will also include parts changes made to the vehicle, previous accidents and vehicle repairs and maintenance.
Digital Bureaucracy, DBC Chain provides digital vehicle ID solution Tools on blockchain and the storage of important data of cars from the vehicle computer for the duration of use, stored in a secure environment. It further ensures accuracy control when deemed necessary.
Automakers, repair workshops, insurance companies, information exchange between technical experts, and even more, the transfer of information to the bank when purchasing vehicles and the provision of quick transactions for vehicle loans.
a). Registered Digital Vehicle ID
The data attached to a digital ledger for each Tool is created and maintained in the blockchain by various authorized institutions, organizations, or enterprises. It has data inputs, data from the vehicle computer, operating system through APIs, and even direct user input and control.
In the end, the data of each car clearly secured by the DBC Chain blockchain, the accountability of each user and party, will constitute the new value of" data on the blockchain ". Vehicle Purchase and sales, financial support, insurance package and second-hand trade markets. In terms of data, it is aimed to reduce the cost and greatly increase efficiency. At the same time, data will be controlled and verified by all parties.
The DBC Chain solution allows you to use and view the history of vehicle ownership. Each vehicle has a digital ID and verifies mileage registered on the blockchain. The information is uploaded to the maintenance book by the relevant parties. This information can be verified by controlling the buyer and other persons with the permission of the owner of the vehicle.
International Conventions
Countries or International Corporate Companies, contracts or agreements signed among themselves will be distributed on blockchain through DBC Chain. Only countries that are its interlocutors (countries that have signed the Convention) can see, control, or verify these agreements.
Books and Magazines
Books are really one of the indispensable treasures of our lives. Thanks to DBC Chain, Books will be added to the Blockchain network with the help of artificial intelligence. The accuracy can be checked, and the contents cannot be changed. At the same time, DBC Chain is a system that can help protect the Author's Copyrights. Customs Tracking import and export transactions. Immutable registration and tracking of import and export transactions made in all customs systems in the block chain network.
Process such as passenger passes, Passport and Authentication. Ease of passenger transit over blockchain network. DBC Chain is one of the features that makes it indispensable that the necessary paperwork and bureaucracy procedures are fast and cost-effective. Vehicle crossings at customs, control of these vehicles. In this way, it aims to completely end the passage of illegal or stolen vehicles and stowaways.
Movies & Music
Film and Music took place in our lives from the past to the present. After that, it will continue to be in our lives, with the development of technology, Movies and Music were presented to its users in different ways. Thanks to DBC Chain, your Movies and Music will now be in your life with artificial intelligence and blockchain technology. The reason the Block chain is so valuable to us, is the fact that the documents distributed on the blockchain network cannot be changed in anyway. If even one letter changes, the hash changes, and the whole chain will break down. As a result, the hashes of all subsequent blocks must be recalculated.
And it is not that easy, since a block chain is managed through a decentralized network that anyone can join. You also have an exact copy of the blockchain on each other member's computer. This checks whether the chain is still intact. A new block is added only if all computers on the network have verified it. This is exactly the principle that makes blockchain very secure.
Although decentralized systems, administrations or institutions are known cornerstones in our lives, when we look at them objectively, they have inefficiency and obvious flaws such as insufficient capacity and high labor needs to make renovations. Continuous updates and additions to the features and functions of the blockchain are carried out through the blockchain network of these centralized and life-making cornerstones, and our team is working to fully digitize the Bureaucracy in our lives by changing these challenging cornerstones.
Reducing transparency and workload, being fast and safe. The next step in the decentralized journey of the Digital Bureaucracy is to provide the tests by continuing to develop the necessary software to move the Bureaucracy completely onto the blockchain network, with our team and within the scope of the project created. Our team is capable of continuous renewal, updating and ensures rapid progress in the development of the Blockchain Ecosystem. With our team, we aim to ensure the healthy and safe functioning of the Bureaucracy system, which has become the main problems of our lives, the innovative blockchain technology.