DBC Token Ecosystem and its utility

In short, the Digital Bureaucracy ecosystem thinks that each platform meets the needs of a particular audience. It will be used in areas such as DBC Tools, Irisx Exchange.
The main tools created by the Digital Bureaucracy team and divided into separate platforms are:
DBC Tools (Under Development) will allow you to:
Create Managed Startup Tokens; Create Managed Country Tokens; Create Managed International Tokens; Create Managed Personal Tokens; Create Managed Corporate Tokens;
Create manageable DeFi Tokens as Business Loans or Commercial Bond Tokens for verified investors;
Easily manage, ICO Program, airdrop and use tokens just like managing a Social Media profile.
Irisx Exchange (Under Development) provides:
List all tokens generated through DBC Tools;
Crowdfund Startups and businesses through DBC Chain based Tokens;
Crowdfunding DeFi tokens as loans and bonds;
Participate in funding and investing in personal tokens.